"I became addicted to mind and mood altering substances at a very tender age. I never grew up and aspired to be an addict/alcoholic. In fact drug and alcohol use was a shunned subject in my household. I grew up with a negative connotation of addiction. In middle school I had my first encounter with substances. I absolutely hated the taste, but I thoroughly enjoyed the effects produced by these substances. The feeling of being able to escape I became addicted too.  My use went from just the weekends, to a few days during the week and the weekends to eventually every single day. Drugs became more important than family, friends, and education. In other words addiction robbed me of anything, and everything worthwhile. After several years of using I looked in the mirror after long drug induced night, and I couldn’t stand the person looking back at me. At this point I had compromised every single moral, and value I ever had.  I couldn’t stand being in my own skin. At this point the pain of addiction became so bad, and I decided to do something about it. I was full of fear. The fear of the unknown was paralyzing me. But, I wanted to change more than I wanted to breathe.

That being said I faced my fears, and trudged through every uncomfortable feeling.  Getting sober is one of the hardest things that I have ever gone through. For the past several years I had not done anything without drugs, so I was scared and afraid at all times of anything and anyone. It was very challenging, but I had to learn how to deal with life on life’s terms. I had to learn how to be a responsible adult. As a direct result of getting sober today I live a life free from the chains of addiction. Today my life is filled with so much hope for today, tomorrow, and thereafter. I have been able to reestablish the relationships that were once broken. I am a productive member of society today. I have self-worth and confidence again. I live my life by moral and values that I refuse to compromise. I am no longer a manipulative, unemployable, uneducated drug addict. Today I am a hopeful, educated, honest, employed, responsible woman in recovery."

M -- Texas

"This is to all the parents out there, and persons who have lost their hope in seeing a loved one overcome an addiction. The road of a parent that sees a child struggle with an addiction is miserable, lonely and scary. Truth to be told, it is well known that unless the person is ready to go down a new path in life, no drug program will help. However, for those who are tired of being tired, the SAJE House is one of the best opportunities for recovery. Programs out there offer detox, counseling, sober recreational activities, but a few of them offer a true practical approach to give the recovering addict or alcoholic a real opportunity to  begin a new life in a twelve-step based -- one day at a time program. 

The SAJE House works with the person in a personal level, showing and directing he/she where and how to look for assistance with work, schooling and becoming self-sufficient. Many drug programs help the person sober up and transition the individual into a world of therapy and eventually a halfway house. But the desperately needed help to coach the person into a real path towards self-sufficiency is non-existent. The SAJE House offers a complete package that will assist a willing person to stay sober and be self-sufficient -- one day at a time!  The staff is carrying and understanding that any attempt to sober up is a token of hope. As a parent I'm always cautiously hopeful! But always hopeful!"
Pat -- Florida

The SAJE house has honestly been the biggest game changer for me thus far, i am in early recovery and the love and friendship that i have with all the girls in the house truly inspired me everyday to wake up with a passion and ambition to stay sober and be a caring and loving woman again. We travel to meetings together, we hang at the house swimming and lots other fun activities. The house is beyond beautiful and our back yard has to the most peaceful vibe and you're at complete serenity when you look across the polo fields and see all the horses flowers and much more. Change is the power to uplift, to heal , to simulate, surprise , open new doors, bring fresh experiences && create excitement in my life and moving from my home town to west palm beach ( lake-worth Florida) was certainly a life changing experience but now that im at the SAJE house it certainly was worth the risk, i haven't felt more at home and just all together happy in a long time, i appreciate now everything i have and im so happy to say i have serenity courage from learning from one another if anyone has any questions or concerns you may have and you would like answered ; im here to help and i defiantly think if your serious about sobriety the SAJE houses program will entitle you to love the life you have always wanted to live in sobriety , were all free from active addiction wen we enter sober living the enjoyment is staying sober and enjoying life."
Victoria Adolph -- Florida

"When I came to the Saje house, I was honestly done with sober living and halfway homes. But this place changed my mind. I've never had such a good relationship with women, and the women in my house help me on a daily basis and push me to be a better, sober, person. This is the only place I've ever been able to recommend to my friends, knowing that if they are serious about their recovery, they will do very well here. We go to meetings almost every day, they will help you with absolutely anything you need. They aren't one of the places that are in it for the money, they're in it to really help people better themselves. The IOP is something I actually look forward to and enjoy, and I get a lot out of it. The houses are beautiful, the land surrounding us is beautiful, and it's very peaceful, but also close to work and a lot of things are within walking distance. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that they have given me to move forward with my life clean and sober with some of the best friends I've ever had supporting me."

​Danielle -- Colorado 

"Today, I am leaving SAJE house frown emoticon It's bitter sweet. I am so grateful for SAJE to have been a place that I called home for just a short time period of my life but one that I will never forget. The people I have met here and all the awesome memories I have made here at SAJE are some that I will look back on and smile because it's been a hell of a ride but honestly an incredible experience. I have grown so much over the last few months, in my recovery and in my life in general and I am so glad I chose SAJE to be a part of that. ALEX is one of the most annoying people Ive ever met in my entire life.smile emoticon jk luv u bro. Probably because he spoke truth to me when I needed it and called me on all my bs. BUT for that I am forever grateful:) And I can honestly say that he is one of the most caring and HONEST halfway owners I've ever seen, and I've been through enough and seen enough to know the difference. I am going to miss this place so much, these people are like family to me... But I am getting on with my life and moving forward, and I'm glad SAJE was a part of that. I recommend this sober living house to anyone who is serious about changing their lives. It's a great environment with supportive people who actually do give a shit about what happens to you. 

Jenna Cooper -- Tennessee

"After my Son in and out of programs over the last 5 years, he has finally found a HOME. For the first time in several years after being their for one week he laughed from the bottom of his heart and sounded like my SON I lost many years ago.
They see a Therapist and a Professional and not someone that has done a program and lives in the house this is a Licensed Therapist.They attend meetings daily but not 24hrs!!! They let the Boys become Men and give them the trust and space they deserved, because they have earned it. In closing I would like to say at 11pm he will call me I look at my phone and question if I should answer and when I do he is just calling to say Good Nite and he Loves Me, and he was going to finish his card game. Not a phone call he hates it there, or he is getting kicked out for something stupid and is on the street but just a Good Nite Call....for the 1st time in years my stress has been released and I too can sleep at night now.

Marcia -- Florida

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